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We combine creativity, sharp content and digital marketing expertise to engage your audienceWe are an end-to-end working with passion to develop Corporate videos, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production to delivery with a digital marketing support package. Let us tell your story!


We’ll do everything we can to make our next best project!

Corporate video is an umbrella term used to define all video communications used for internal or external corporate messaging.

Project delays and budget overruns just don’t happen and We’re always striving to improve our processes, communication and creative tools. We may be a bit geeky but we always promise to be jargon free and speak plain English.

One way that corporate video can be distinguished from traditional video advertising is the target audience. Corporate video is often intended for a specific audience rather than the general public.

A corporate video might be created to present financial results to stakeholders or to highlight a new initiative within the company.

Corporate videos may also include employee training videos and promotional videos for new product lines or services.

Prior to widespread usage of online video, corporate video was primarily used either for internal communications or for broadcast on television. Budget constraints tended to limit the amount of corporate video which could be created.

The reason for the widespread use of corporate video for communications goes beyond just falling costs.

our working processin 3 steps

In our minds we often “see the whole thing” from opening title to closing credits – creative inspiration. We play and replay the whole scenario like a Star Wars, Titanic or Avatar production and think we can keep all those wonderful shots in our minds

planing12 - Corporate Videos

Planning & Strategy

Just like any other type of content, you can’t reach your aim without first deciding on what it is. Whether you want to use video to raise awareness of your brand or encourage your staff to adopt a new internal process, you need to decide on SMART video objectives.

planing11op - Corporate Videos


Once the script is complete, you may also want to create a storyboard or scamp (a rough drawn mock up of an idea), though this isn’t always necessary.

planing13 - Corporate Videos


Once all filming is complete, it’s time to begin editing. This step will need to be handled by a skilled editor. They will examine many hours worth of footage and select the best takes to use in the final video.


We will work with you to produce a script. If you provide the first draft of the script, we can help refine the message, make it more conversational and €œpunchy€ to suit the anticipated visuals. Alternatively, we can write the script from scratch.

done4 - Corporate Videos


Following your guidance, brand guidelines and any supplied artwork, we’ll create a still frame mock up defining the proposed look-and-feel. We’ll ask for your feedback and make unlimited revisions as required.

done3 - Corporate Videos


We’ll roll out a full hand sketched storyboard of the proposed animation (a low resolution animatic is provided for 3D). We’ll ask for your feedback and sign off, making unlimited revisions where required, before we move on to production.

done1 - Corporate Videos


We provide professional voiceovers in multiple languages and with a variety of English accents, including British, and Amzerican. We’ll provide demo reels for you to select your voice talent and then we’ll arrange the booking, recording, proofing, editing and mastering.

done2 - Corporate Videos


Only now will we start to animate. We’ll work scene by scene, timing the animation and transitions to the voiceover and background music. We’ll ask for your feedback and sign off, making unlimited revisions where required.

High quality corporate video production, compabile all devices

Corporate video production has drastically changed in a very short period of time, and at Muovi we put our heads together and came up with some new and innovative ideas to present to the world.

Where we differ amongst our competitors, is our ability to give you world-class production values and delivery in everything we do.

When you are looking to create an impacting film to increase your companies brand awareness or your business profile, only a Muovi video production could truly deliver what you need for your corporate video.


We get excited by engaging videos that audiences want to watch. We get even more excited when they’ve been optimsed so people can find them.

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